Pressure & Pressure Measurement (RF02)

Pressure & Pressure Measurement (RF02)

To explain the concept of pressure, how pressure is calculated and the operation of pressure gauges.

Pressure & Pressure Measurement


By the end of this topic you will be able to:

  • Define and calculate pressure
  • Describe how manometers, bourdon tubes, and transducers measure pressure

Pre-requisite Study:

  • None

Areas covered in this module:

  • Pressure
  • Measuring Pressure
  • Summary
  • Quiz

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Refrigeration Fundamentals Courses

The Refrigeration training course series is intended for users who want to improve or acquire Knowledge and skills in Refrigeration basics and the refrigeration cycle. You will learn how theoretical refrigeration principles and laws knowledge are applied within the refrigeration industry. It will test your understanding of basic theory and the underlying principles behind refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

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The content of this course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines. On successful completion of the courses you will get a CPD Diploma certified for Continuing Professional Development by The Construction CPD Certification Service and The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers.

Note:this refrigeration training course is not a full qualification. To obtain a Refrigeration qualification you will be required to undertake additional practical training and assessment at an accredited test centre.


2-3 hours to complete (depending on learning speed).

Target Audience

Anyone interested in working with refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems or wishing to get a basic understading of the refrigeration cycle. The module within this course can be used either as induction, awareness, refresher and foundation training.

Also, associated trades within the Building Services sector such as electrical engineers, plumbers and mechanics who are likely to be involved with Refrigeration and air conditioning systems and controls and would benefit from understanding basic system operation. This would assist engineers in spotting any issues with the systems before incidents occur, helping reduce customer’s loses and costs by adopting a pro-active rather than re-active approach.

Entry Requirements

There is no entry requirements.